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Dennis Kyere M.I.K.

Hip Hop, Lite Feet, Afro and Krump
Guest Teacher
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Dennis Kyere M.I.K.

is a professional dancer and choreographer from Berlin, currently based in London, who is characterised by his exceptional energy, charisma and versatility in dance. He is a core member of one of Europe’s strongest dance crews M.I.K Family which has enabled him to travel and gain experience around the world.

He has managed to gain his respect as a talented and well-recognised artist that specialises in all spectrums of dance from Afro to Hip Hop styles, in freestyle and choreography. His experience spans over ten years of collaborating with well-known artists and winning numerous championships which established his remarkable style and identity.

Dennis is the first dancer in Germany that was able to absolve Lite Feet culture in New York and to bring it back to Germany. He was able to learn from pioneers such as ChryBaby and Mr. YouTube which gave him the ability to absolve authentic and credible knowledge which started his journey as a young pioneer in Germany.

His older brothers Prince and Isaac (M.I.K Family).
To be raised in different cultures such as german, british, ghana and swedish
Travelling and the curiosity for learning new things
Instagram: Dennism.i.k



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      Lite Feet by Dennis Kyere M.I.K.
      Sunday, 9. December 201817:00 ‐ 19:00