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Clovis Fernandes "Lil Clowi"

Afro House Kuduro
Regular Teacher
Afro-House Kuduro Trap

Clovis Fernandes aka. Lil Clowi


Clovis Fernandes better known as Lil Clowi is a German dancer with roots in Angola. Since he was a little boy, Clovis has danced to African music. Since dance is an important cultural asset in Angola, the subject has fascinated and accompanied him to this day. Especially the Afro House Kuduro, also called Afro House Moderno. Afro House Kuduro is an african street dance. Therefore, there were no classical dance training in this area and all dancers have taught themselves by imitating others and experimenting with the dance moves while collectively evolving this dance style. Something that is typical of all urban dance styles.

Clovis’ continues to get regular inspiration from friends and relatives from Angola, Portugal, Holland and France to absorb current trends in this very lively dance culture. Of course, Youtube and Instagram are now a big influence.

Every Afro House Kuduro dancer has his own style, but the basics are the same for everyone. In Lil Clowi’s class, you not only learn the Moderno Afro House Kuduro, but also occasional moves from other dance styles, including Afrodance, Hip Hop, Tutting, Trapdance elements and much more.



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