Chizu Kimura - Ballet Dance Teacher - motion*s

Chizu Kimura

Ballet, Gyrotonic
Regular Teacher

Chizu Kimura was born in Japan and trained at the Legat School of Dance and London Studio Centre (UK) before joining the Vienna Festival Ballet in 2002. As a freelance dancer, she has worked with Trisha Brown, Sebastian Eilers, Michael Rooney, Angus Balbernie, Norman Douglas and other choreographers. She moved to Berlin in 2005 and has been teaching since 2009. She is also a certified GYROTONIC® trainer since 2012.

Chizu’s Classes

Chizu is an attentive and committed instructor who works closely with her students to encourage them and help them progress. In her beginner’s classes, she provides a strong foundation in ballet that students are able to build on in higher-level courses (beginner-intermediate, intermediate, intermediate-advanced). In addition to her regular classes, she occasionally substitutes the ballet classes of Jo Siska, who is also an instructor at motion*s.




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