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Axel 'Micky' Schiffler

Regular Teacher
Breaking Funk Styles Hip Hop House Hustle

Axel “Micky” Schiffler started breaking in the mid-nineties and has worked as a professional dancer in Berlin since 2001. The uniqueness of his style lies in his musicality, rhythm, dynamics and variety of movement. Since 2010, he has been increasingly experimenting with fusing elements from various dance styles including funk, breaking, social and contemporary. He is always on the lookout for ways of incorporating new forms of expression without losing authenticity in his style. This desire to experiment has led him to take on a variety of work for clients including the Schaubühne (Berlin), Hans Otto Theater (Potsdam), the Schauspielhaus (Dresden), Hau (Berlin), Sophiensaele (Berlin), Theater du Capitole (Toulouse), Theater of Montevideo (Marseille) and the Maison de la Mutualité (Paris). Thus, he gained experience in both theatre as well as at various dance festivals such as Tanztage Berlin, Tanzwoche Dresden or 100 ° Festival Berlin. He has also enriched his expertise as a professional dancer performing for commercial events including AWD, Skoda, Microsoft Europe, Volksfürsorge Germany, Vodafone and Porsche Germany. In January 2015, his first dance piece “Meet Me as a Stranger” premiered in front of a sold-out crowd in Berlin. In the following years, he released several more short pieces such as “Duet to Third” and “Work in ProJazz”. Whatever the context, Micky constantly works according to the motto:

“Movement is language and there is nothing that cannot be communicated.”

Professional experience as a choreographer and dancer:

  • Dancer for the production „Berlin Babylon“ directed by Tom Tykwer
  • Premiere of „Duett zu Dritt“ with Lukas Steltner at a night of short performances /Eisenhüttenstadt
  • Choreographer for the youth dance project C„Der Panther“ presented by R. M. Rilke, Leipzig
  • Show for Abbott Laboratories in Valetta/Malta 2016
  • Show for SKODA – Cup 2016 in Dresden
  • Video shooting for Julie Bergan in Berlin
  • Participation in the international art’s festival „Piazzetta“ in Bassum
  • Show for the Chamber of Trade in Sachsen/Dresden
  • Show „Polizei-Sport-Schau“ in Hamburg 2015
  • Theatre project’s Dance Week Dresden 2015 „MEET ME AS A STRANGER“/Dresden
  • Gala „MEET ME AS A STRANGER“ (sample) Landesbühne Sachsen/Radebeul
  • „MEET ME AS A STRANGER“ Ballhaus Ost/Berlin
  • 100°Festival „MEET ME AS A STRANGER“/Berlin
  • Premier „MEET ME AS A STRANGER“ (Langstück) at Tanztage Berlin
  • Theatre project’s Dance Week Dresden 2014
  • Premier of „MEET ME AS A STRANGER“ (Kurzstück)/Dresden
  • Show for TNT Deutschland/ Brühl
  • Show for Porsche Deutschland/ Wuppertal
  • Performance at playhouse Dresden of „Klaus im Schrank“ Deutschland/ Dresden
  • Show for ABB Deutschland/ Mannheim
  • Choreographer for the youth musical „M1“
  • Choreographer for „50 Jahre DFJW“ with Paris Est Mouv
  • Choreographer for tri-national exchange between Paris (FR)/Vilnius (LT)/Berlin (Dtl)
  • Choreographer of Urban Dance for an artist exchange between Paris/Berlin
  • Shows for the 50 year anniversary of the Élysée-Vertrages in Paris
  • Show for the music festival “DieSE #8” in Dijon
  • AMI Leipzig for Skoda Citigo® Modell/ Leipzig
  • YOU fair for the European Commission / Berlin
  • Performance for AWD/ Hannover
  • Teacher for team training in dance / Weimar
  • Workshop at the German school in Klausen / Italy
  • Performance at the theatrè du Capitol for the opera „Belzhassar“/ Toulouse, Frnace
  • Year opening for the Volksfürsorge®/ Berlin, Heilbronn, Köln
  • Theater performance „Berlin Elsewhere“ (Replacement)/ Berlin
  • Hans Otto Theater for „Cross The Line“/ Potsdam
  • Nikolaisaal Co-Choreography for „Break Classics“/ Potsdam
  • Vodafone®/ Berlin
  • Lingua Expo for the European Commision / Berlin
  • Teacher for team training in dance / Weimar



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