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Arigato Melody

My name is Ariclenes Agostinho Garcia (Arigato Melody), I am 24 years old and have lived in Berlin for 14 years. I was born and raised in Angola, where I started to dance. In the beginning, I just enjoyed myself dancing and learning new moves.

When I moved to Germany, I didn’t have so much time to dance. After a while, when I was 12 years old, I met a dance group and started to train with them in an intense way. We were eight people with different backgrounds, as for culture, skin colour and dance experience. After the first year of training, we had known each other quite well and named ourselves the “SwaggrZ”.

I gained my first experience on stage with the SwaggrZ. Starting with little events and dance battles, we soon performed on bigger stages, like Berliner Meisterschaft (Berlin Championship) where we got the second place. After this Championship, we had our most successful time as a group and were booked for performances. The group stopped to dance together after one year and I continued with my best friend till 2012. Although we were just two then, we were still quite successful, participating at fashion shows and talent contests.

From 2012 till 2014, I went to “Academy Bühnenkunstschule”, a performance school for teenagers. We created the piece “Ab Flug” with dancers, actors and singers with the support of our teachers. Later on, I developed another piece, “Tranogie”, this time without the help of teachers, just me and other more experienced participants on our own.

During my “Academy” period, I discovered Voguing, in 2014. I fell in love immediately so I have practiced in Voguing ever since and have not got bored yet. There is always something new to discover and you keep on developing all the time. Apart from Voguing, I still do other dance styles.

As you can see, I have had a couple of years of experience in different kinds of dance and art forms. I think that I can express myself through dance in a good way and that I can show other people how to express themselves through dance.




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