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Aragorn Boulanger

Performer, Choreographer
Guest Teacher
Liquid Waves

AragoRn Boulanger

Self-taught artist, Aragorn Boulanger is creating since the age of 15 his own vocabulary and choreographic language. He has worked with many artists in contemporary dance, including Andy Degroat (REDNOTES), Abdel-Aziz Sarrokh (HUSH HUSH HUSH), Michel Schweizer, Nacera Belaza, Bob Wilson for “The Magic Flute” at the Opéra National de Paris Bastille and Marie Claude Pietragalla in the show produced by Pierre Cardin … Since 2010 he collaborates with Compagnie 14: 20 in their work on the “new” magic.
In 2005 he built the company Genôm, and created since about a dozen personal pieces, solo or group, such as “Mesomerie,” “Between 0 and 1 …” or “Swan Lack”, in which he extends the simplicity and accuracy of movement to its strongest meaning… He also responds to commands, and assists other artists such as Anne N’guyen, Clement Dazin … in their own productions. Today he continues to refine his approach and research and acts as a trainer for various international structures (Dublin, Berlin, Moscow, Oakland …) such as Katakomben, Lido circus school of Toulouse, Les Hivernales in Avignon … where he transmits the basics of the dance he develops.



« Wade in the Water » Choregrapher and main performer of this show, on the topic of selfloss, co-produced by the théâtre national de Chaillot and Le 104-Paris.
« Primitifs » Dancer and Comedian for this theatre piece by Michel Schweizer with 6 male performers.


« Mo » Co-creator and performer with Elsa Robinne from Co. Grand Théâtre, in the dance/theater show based on the text of Louis Calaferte.


« Bruits de couloir » Choreographer for the solo creation of Clément Dazin.
« Autarcie » Assistant choreographer for the creation of Anne N’Guyen/cie Par Terre.


« Ellipses » Solo creation for AragoRn Boulanger by cie 14 :20, first short form created for La Biennale de La Danse in Lyon in September 2012.


« Notte » cie 14:20 Raphaël Navarro and Clément Debailleul.
« Les Sentinelles » Nacera Belaza.


« La folie d’Igitur » Andy Degroat


« Marco Polo, Le voyage Imaginaire » Marie-Claude Pietragalla, Pierre Cardin.


« Hommage » et « Swan Lac » Andy Degroat. le Ballet de l’Opéra d’Avignon.


« Des Doubles » Pascal Giordano
« Processions » LA BARAQUE « Requiem » de Gabriel Fauré.
« Hollywood 2 fresh » TV Commercial produced by PARTIZAN


« I.D’s please» HUSH HUSH HUSH. Abdel Aziz Sarrokh.


« La flûte enchantée » W.A.MOZART Opera, Bob WIilson, l’Opéra Nationale de Paris Bastille.


« Alessandro d’amore » Andy Degroat. Jean-marc Andrieu.
« Hair » Gilles Ramades LES NOUVEAUTES LYRIQUES.


« West Side Story » Dancer, actor, singer in the musical under the direction of Gilles Ramades for LES NOUVEAUTES LYRIQUES.



« Swan lacK » (ballet 60min) Ballet for 8 dancers on the original music « Le Lac des Cygnes » of Piotr Illitch Tchaïkovski.
« Les tortues » (ballet 30min) In collaboration with Samuel Mathieu, dance performance by a group of old people in Cugnaux.


«L’Un de Nous deux » (duet 45min)
« Hommage à Micheal Galasso » (solo 5min)
« Shame » (ballet 10min)


« Dérivation » (trio 40min)


« Insolitude …des racines et des branches… » (ballet 60min)


« Entre 0 et 1… » (solo 45min)


« Mésomérie » (duet 55min)


« Renaissance » (solo 15min)
« …Titre… » (ballet)



  • Choreographic laboratory and street performances; in 2013 Aragorn worked for a year with a group of a dozen dancers on the exploration of all aspects of Slowness. Various form performances emerge wildly from it in public space.
  • Professional training on body language and dance, for students of first and second year of LIDO training center for circus arts in Toulouse.
  • Hip hop dance workshop and Windstyle technical approach, developed by Aragorn Boulanger; proposes a further development for professional and pre-professional artists from various circus or dance practices, at the festival Les HIVERNALES 2007, Katakomben center of Berlin in 2009 at Clonakilty Motion Festival in Ireland since 2008, the community of Moscow hip hop dancers in 2009 for students in training with IDDAC Gironde in 2009, at the Academy of Dance Ireland Dublin in 2010, or the Vulcan Center Oakland (US).
  • Teaching assistant for STAPS section of Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, questionning the phenomenon of evolution of dance in relation to its changing contexts of practice and expression.
  • 5 day workshop for professionals and amateurs on the relationship between dance and circus, in tandem with Thomas Bodinier then Fatou Traore, at La Grainerie of Balma and at the CNAC.
  • Development workshop, during 30 hours, a work on choreography and theatrical expression for a group of hip hop dancers from the town of Albi.
  • Speaker for young dancers on the link between music and dance, in tandem with Bruno Bernard (Chalon sur Saône Conservatory).
  • Danced Conference; “ABC hip-hop,” a history of hip-hop related to music history, accompanied by video archive documents.
  • Danced conference, at the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, on the topic “links, writing and coexistence of hip hop and contemporary techniques”, with Eliza Martin Pradal and Stéphane Lebbed.



  • Organization of the “Juice festival” for hip hop culture in Haute-Garonne, from 2003 to 2010 in partnership with KMK and LEO LAGRANGE, cities of Launaguet, Fonbeauzard, St Alban. Aragorn here refines his skills in professional communication; whether at the cohesion of a team or working with guest artists, or with the public and the media.
  • “Onde” Short film directed by Aragorn Boulanger in 2007.
  • Creation of the association “Genôm” for culture and art (November 2005).





-Clown workshop with Hervé Langlois Royal clown company


-Palle Granhoj, choreography
-Fabien Delisle and Eric Minette, choreography and video


-Wes Howard, dance and environment
-José Bertogal and Ibrahim Sissoko company CHOREAM, dance technique
-Music theory with Bruno Bernard.


-Hip hop dance educator with TONY MASKOT, SODA POP, IFFRA DIA (Compagnie Black, Blanc, Beur), DAVID MATHOR, KADER AMZER (Compagnie MCR), TAYEB BENAMARA…
-African dance workshop with Karine Barera.

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Workshops/Special Classes bei Aragorn Boulanger


      Windstyle - Summer Intensive Week by Aragorn Boulanger
      Friday, 25. August 201713:00 ‐ 16:00*****
      Windstyle - Summer Intensive Week by Aragorn Boulanger
      Thursday, 24. August 201713:00 ‐ 16:00*****
      Windstyle - Summer Intensive Week by Aragorn Boulanger
      Wednesday, 23. August 201713:00 ‐ 16:00*****
      Windstyle - Summer Intensive Week by Aragorn Boulanger
      Tuesday, 22. August 201713:00 ‐ 16:00*****
      Windstyle - Summer Intensive Week by Aragorn Boulanger
      Monday, 21. August 201713:00 ‐ 16:00*****