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Aaliyah Phillip

Regular Teacher
Dancehall Hip Hop Voguing

As half-Jamaican Aaaliyah grew up with dancehall culture from an early age. That’s why the background of this jamaican dance culture is just as important to her as individual moves and styles in dancehall. She has been a commercial professional dancer since her teenage years and has gained much more stage and work experience as a dancer since graduating from school. Her personal style is a fusion of various urban styles such as hip hop, voguing and dancehall.

In addition, she has been strongly shaped by the work in the commercial field as well as Swaggi Maggi, who served as a mentor to her. Aaliyah has been a member of Maggi’s Dancehall Crew Primetime Dimension since 2019.

“I see myself as an artist who uses dance to express herself. My culture, history and myself as a whole are an integral part of it. My goal is to combine all of this and be as authentic and distinctive as possible. “




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