Dance Program Berlin - Jahrgang 2020

Dance Program Berlin Class of 2020

Dance Program Jahrgang 2020

Dance Program Class of 2020

DP2020 Amanda Rexhausen A9B00676_Foto Nobusama-Fotografie

Amanda Rexhausen

DP2020 Anuschka Loose Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Anuschka Loose

Dance program 2020 Axelle Zege A9B00595_Foto_Nobusama_Fotografie

Axelle Zege

Bela Weimar Dittmar A9B00559_Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Bela Weimar Dittmar

Dance Program 2020 Clara Holling Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Clara Holling

Dance Program 2020 - Cortney Wiresinger Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Cortney Wiresinger

Cristina Medina

Eva Lorenz  Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Eva Lorenz

Dance program 2020 - Isabelle Diallo - Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Isabelle Diallo

Jette Uber - Foto: Nobusama- Fotografie

Jette Uber

Lara Erse Keller -

Lara Erse Keller

Linda Veijola - Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Linda Veijola

Paula Meyer - Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Paula Meyer

Thomas Scheele - Foto: Nobusama-Fotografie

Thomas Scheele

Valentina Radmann

Vanessa Morandell

Vanessa Morandell

Zachary Kershman / Dance Program 2020

Zachary Kershman

Zahraa Samer

Zahraa Samer

Graduation Show 2020

In June 2020, together with Aufbau Haus Moritzplatz, we made it possible, in compliance with Covid hygiene measures, to host the Graduation Show of the Dance Program 2019/2020 as an exhibition experience. Thus, the audience* was guided in groups through the different performances at Aufbau Haus Moritzplatz, experiencing groups and solo works both live and in the form of video projects.


Choreography by Christoph Viol

“On Oath”

Choreography by Carmel Köster

“Dream Shifters”
Choreography by Lia Pavlidis

Choreography by Rocío Beccerra

“My Church is the Dancefloor”
Choreography by Stella Caric

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