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motion*s Dance Program Berlin

The motion*s Dance Program Berlin is a ten months long intensive dance training course. As a student, you will be trained in a vast variety of dance styles. Learning proper alignment, experiencing modern, jazz and contemporary as well as urban dance forms like popping, hiphop, house, voguing and more. You will deepen your knowledge of dance and practice new techniques whilst being encouraged to try out new styles and find a voice to express your creativity through dance. Alongside your personal physical development and an official certificate, you will, most importantly, take home a deeper connection to the beautiful art of dance.

about the program

This intensive dance program is aimed at participants with previous dance experience who want to develop their abilities by practicing a wide range of dance techniques. If you want to become a professional dancer, you will get a thorough insight into the opportunities as well as the challenges that this unique career path has to offer. This course also welcomes those who are not planning on working professionally, but who are looking to diversify their knowledge and deepen their experience in the art of movement. If you have the desire to make dance a central part of your everyday life, this is the program for you.


More than just dance technique

Apart from Contemporary, Jazz Dance and Contact this program focuses on urban dance styles such as Hip Hop, Popping and House Dance. Further training will be in Acrobatic Floorwork, Graham Technique, Modern Technique, Alignment, Liquid Spine, House Dance, Popping, Breaking, Gaga, Improvisation and more…

Participants experience the multicultural language of dance and have the chance to develop a wide range of skills including body toning, physical endurance and flexibility. Students are also trained to rely on their own perception, expression and understanding of musicality. In turn, these practices strengthen the students’ stage presence and allow them to experiment and enhance their artistic vision in improvisation as well as in creating choreographies.


Individual support and coaching

The comprehensive physical training is complemented by theoretical instruction led by a team of professionals who provide a holistic insight into the life of a professional dancer. The program provides a supportive and safe environment within the dance community that allows participants to discover and build upon their own creativity and individual potential. This, of course, requires your own motivation and willingness for personal development.


The next motion*s Dance Program Berlin runs from September 3rd 2024 to end of June 2025 – a duration of 10 months.

  • 2 weeks off at Christmas
  • 1 week off at Easter
  • No lessons on public holidays
  • Bridging days reserved

Structure and scope

Exclusive lessons

The program consists of up to 18 hours of tuition per week, which take place from tuesday to friday between 11 am until 5 pm. Students have one day a week off. These classes are available exclusively to students of the program and include practical and theoretical lessons, feedback sessions and seminars. The classes will be hold in both german and english.

Evening classes

Students are welcome to visit up to 10 additional evening classes as they wish but they must attend a minimum of seven classes per week (see the course schedule). These classes will be chosen with the instructor after evaluation of the student’s strengths, weaknesses and interests. Up to 10 weekly classes are included in the monthly fee.


Stage performances
Individual feedback discussions
Official certificate


The monthly participation fee is 490,- € including 19% VAT. A total fee of 4.900,- €.

Organisation and supervision

motion*s dance studio boasts a wonderful team of talented professional dance teachers, who are responsible for running the program under the supervision of the Program’s Creative Directors, Lia Pavlidis and Stella Caric. Together with Christoph Viol, Lia and Stella teach extensively throughout the dance program and accompany students on their journey.

A detailed curriculum of topics and a structure of the classes will be mailed after initial registration. To apply or ask any further questions about the motion*s Dance Program Berlin, please send an email to

We look forward to teaching you,
Lia & Stella


Please register for one of the following audition workshops:

1) Sunday, May 26th 2024
2) Sunday, July 7th 2024

The application fee is 25 € which has to be paid beforehand. The audition workshops will take place at motion*s dance studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg. More details will be sent via email after registration.

Please note: registration for the workshop does not confirm participation in the program. We will reply to your send form individually. We kindly ask you to have some patience, it could be a few days before we can reply to everyone.

Online Audition

This year we offer you the possibility of an online audition!

The deadline is 31st July!

Here’s how it works:
  1.  You fill in the registration form on our website and type “online” as an audition date.
  2.  You will receive an e-mail with the information to transfer of the audition fee of 25 €.
  3.  You submit the following videos online (Vimeo, YouTube, GoogleDrive):
    – two or more short videos (min. 1 minute each) in which you dance. We would like to see at least one improvisation and one choreography by a choreographer of your choice. Show us your versatility and passion!
    – a short “self-interview video” in which you will tell you why you want to participate in the DANCE PROGRAM: your motivation, your goals, why exactly this program, etc.

Please upload your videos to a hosting service such as Vimeo, GoogleDrive, YouTube or other. Thank you for not sending video files or download links.

Nevertheless, participating in one of the audition workshops allows you to get to know us and the other applicants directly. Therefore, we recommend that you attend one of the two workshops if possible.
By the way, the audition fee of 25€ is the same for both options.

register for the dance program audition

May 26th / July 7th | Online: July 31st 2024

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    date of birth

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    choose your audition workshop date:

    Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Honest answers are appreciated

    Where do you stand in your life currently?

    What kind of dance experience and knowledge do you have?

    What dance styles do you want to learn more about?

    What is your motivation for joining the dance program?

    What goals do you wish to achieve?

    How did you hear about this Dance Program?

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