Tanzunterricht für Kinder und Jugendliche in Berlin-Kreuzberg

Dance education for kids and teens

At motion*s, the fostering of children is taken seriously. We see dance as an essential education for children – here expression, emotions, musicality and phisical excercise can be playfully combined and, incidentally, teamwork, timing and presence be strengthened. The course times are adapted according to age to the concentration levels of the children: 45 min for preschool children, 60 minutes for primary school students. In order to offer the right course content for each age we split our offer into age groups: 
3-5 years, 4-6 years, 5-7 years,  6-9 years, 8-11 years, 10-13 years, 12-16 years. Teenagers of 16 years and up can  join our regular dance classes for adults. Please consult one of your teachers about this first.

Most of our teachers can understand and answer english questions. Still the general instructions are given in german.

Komm tanz mit uns!

I’m glad you are visiting our motion*s website. I founded this dance school with the aim to offer demanding, modern and healthy dance lessons for professionals as well as  hobby dancers and to give a space for more offerings from acrobatic up to yoga.
Since I am a mother as well, it was very important for me from the beginning  to bring dance closer to the smallest and youngest among us. We want to impart children essential learnings – the feeling for the own body, rhythm and how good movement can make us feel. Since I began dancing very early on I know how positive it has effected my personal development, how it gave me self confidence and fun but also a strong will and discipline.
This is what I want to pass on to your children as well.
Dance can accompany us a life long, helping to find a balance to our stressful everyday life, to express our feelings and to keep our body fit and healthy. I can only encourage you to give your kids the chance for this special experience. I’m happy about everybody who wants to join our motion*s dance community.

Stella Caric

All Classes for Kids & Teens

How to sign up for dance lessons

Contact us with the form below and tell us some information about your child, the preferred dance class and your time during the week. We will contact you as soon as possible via mail or phone with an appropiate offer regarding age and interests of your child. We’ll invite you to take up to 2 trial lessons that you can pay per class. (First Trial 7€ / Second Lesson 11€)
After 2 trials latest we ask you to sign your child up with a contract for a specific class. The contract has a minimum duration of 4 months and can be cancelled within 6 weeks before the terms end. If not cancelled by you the contract continues. Ask the person at the front desk for a copy of our contract and hand it back filled out with our staff or send it via post.

Our Children Dance Newsletter keeps you updated

Receive regular updates on new classes and teachers and class schedules during school holidays via e-mail. On average this newsletter goes out three to four times per year. PLEASE NOTE that this newsletter is only available in german language. Still you will be able to understand about new classes and times.

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Reach out to sign your kids up for a class

Please fill out this form so that we can contact you via mail as soon as possible with an appropiate offer regarding age and interests of your child. Please fill out one form for each child.
Thank you very much for your effort!

*This is no contract and no registration. We will suggest one or more classes and set up a date for a first trial lesson. Everything else we will organise at the motion*s or via e-mail.

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