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faq class booking

The class calendar is a studio software by the german Fitogram GmbH that some of you are already familiar with from other dance studios. It allows you to book and cancel courses, put yourself on a waiting list and move up when places become available. Great functions that we believe will make it easier for you and us to visit the studio, especially now in the limited Corona times.


class booking & booking rules

It is mandatory that you book every class date you want to take in our class calendar. You can book up to 14 days before the start of the class if there are free places. Before booking for the first time, you have to register once and be logged in each time you book a course.
Urban Sports Club members book exclusively via their own Urban Sports Club app. Otherwise, course participation must be paid for via the course calendar.




Waiting list         

If the class is full, your booking will be placed on the waiting list and you will be notified at the latest when someone cancels and you have moved up.
If you move up and cannot attend the course, you have to cancel your booking in the class calendar or the app! Urban Sports Club does not offer the functionality to be put on the waiting list. This is not in our power to change.


If you cannot attend the class, you have to cancel your booking in the class calendar or the mobile app.
Please do not send us an email with your cancellation, we cannot do it for you.

Cancellation is free of charge up to 5h before the start of the course.

Payments already made will be reimbursed and course participation within the framework of contracts will be credited. Cancellations made later than 5 hours before the start of the course are excluded from the refund and will be invoiced by us or, in the case of contracts, counted as course participation.
If you get notified that your waitlist spot is booked less than 5 hours before we will will refrain from charging you for that but still kindly ask you to cancel so that others on the wait list might have the chance to take the class.

The course calendar app for your Android & iOS mobile device

Book and cancel conveniently on the go. With the option of being able to find out about free places via push notification.
Scan QR Code> Open in Browser > Add to Home Screen

Frequent questions and answers

How to book as contract member

You find a class that you want to book and select the date to be booked / click on it and the details page of the class opens. We in the office will assign you your contract after your registration so that you have the right amount of class credits in your account each month. Your respective contract appears in the right column above the booking button: “Contract 1x”, “Contract 2x” or “Contract flat rate”. Each booking is then automatically deducted from your contract hours credits.

Book without a membership contract
Like everyone else, you can currently book a course in the course calendar. There are no separate trial lessons. Select “Single ticket / drop in” and pay by bank transfer, SEPA direct debit or credit card in cash in our studio.
Here is our overview of our fees for dance classes
Book with a multi ticket (5, 10 ticket tanzkarte)

You find a class that you want to book and select it. Then click under products “Gültige Tanzkarte / Valid dance card”. This booking is also free of charge and you bring your 5/10 ticket with you to the studio to be stamped. And yes, the dance tickets that you bought before the corona lockdown are still valid now.
If you want to purchase a new digital dance card with 5 or 10 credits each, choose “10er Ticket” or “5er Ticket” under> Show other products. The system then stores the credits in your account until you use them up.

I don’t see any products to select or I can’t book

Are you logged in? If so, you will see a round circle with your initials at the top right of the class calendar. You have to be logged in to book. This is one of the most common beginner mistakes – you are not alone! 😉


Gift vouchers

I wish to purchase a gift voucher

Dance classes are a beautiful gift! We offer gift vouchers for 3 or 5 classes as well as single class tickets.
In order to book you need to log into our class calendar and hit the button “Tarife buchen”. There you scroll down until you reach the section “Gutscheine”. Any product under that section will create a voucher code for you after the payment process is finished. If you wish a nice voucher to print out at home with the code and instructions just send us an e-mail with the voucher code and we’ll send you a PDF for print out at home.


I have received a voucher code and would like to redeem it

Since summer 2021 we only have digital vouchers that you can redeem in the motion*s class calendar and have it credited to your account. To do so, go to the class calendar and make sure you are logged in with your account. Now find the button “book rates” or “Tarife buchen”. At the top under the heading “book rates” you will find the text field in which you enter the code and click the button “Use code”. The credits / points will be credited to your account and simply deducted from your next class booking.

Urban Sports Club members book in their USC app

All class that you can book in motion*s with the Urban Sports Club app can be found within your app. You can find the class in your USC app and book it there. You can book up to 14 days prior to class. Then you will automatically end up in our system and do not have to register for the course in the course calendar.
You can book all other classes that do not appear in your app like all other customers in the class calendar and choose a single ticket. Attention, if you choose “single ticket / drop in” you cannot pay for this course with a USC membership but have to pay it extra in the studio in cash or in advance during the booking process.
Find all the classes that can be booked with USC here


I can’t come to the course / workshop and wish to cancel

Please log into the class calendar. At the top right you can see a circle with your initials. Click > Account. You will see your bookings listed there. Under every booked class appointment there is a small text link “Termin stornieren“. You can cancel your booking yourself. For logistical reasons, we cannot accept your cancellations by email. With 70 courses per week with up to 25 participants each, that’s simply not possible for us!
Please cancel the appointments yourself that you cannot keep. And please remember that if you do not cancel in time, no one else can move up from the waiting list and we will invoice you for bookings that have not been canceled in time or deduct them from your contract credits> See booking rules above!

Do I have to log in / register at the system?

Yes. In order for you to always be able to book and cancel classes, you need to register in this booking system, as in other online shops. This is also the only way we can assign your bookings to your contracts. You can also book workshops through it. In addition, we now also need your contact information to follow up contacts during pandemic times. If someone tests positive, we can inform all potential contact persons very quickly.


Who or what is Fitogram and do I log into their platform?
Fitogram is a German manufacturer of dance and sports studio software based in Cologne. Like us, Fitogram has to adhere to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Datenschutzerklärung von Fitogram , AGB .