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Class Booking


It is mandatory to book classes in our class calendar. You only have to register once. Book up to 14 days in advance till shortly before if there are free spots available. And yes there is an app for that!

waiting list

If the class capacity is reached you’ll automatically land on a waiting list. You’ll be notified automatically by the system (latest 3h before evening class / 12h before morning to midday class) if someone cancels. Your spot is booked automatically on a first book first serve basis. If you cannot take that class, please cancel immediately! Please do not send us e-mail cancellations. Log into your class calendar account and cancel the class yourself please. You can also use the mobile app for that.

class cancellations

morning classes starting before 1:30 pm
you may cancel up to 12h before the start time and canellation is free of charge up to 18h before the start of the class.

afternoon & evening classes from 1:31 pm
you may cancel up to 3h before class starts and canellation is free of charge up to 9h before the start of the class.
Payments already made will be refunded and class credits within your contracts will be credited.
Cancellations made later than 9 / 18 hours before are excluded from refund and will be invoiced by us or, in the case of contracts, counted as course participation.

Get our class mobile app for android & iOS

Scan QR-Code > Open in Browser > Go to Share Icon > Add to Homescreen

How to use the class calender

Find specific help of how to book classes and answers to frequent questions in our detailed class calendar FAQ

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