new covid hygiene rules in Berlin - motion*s

new covid hygiene rules in Berlin

new covid hygiene rules in Berlin

Dear motion*s community,

2-G- Rule as of Monday, November 15th 2021

Due to the new changes in the senate regulations from 11.11.2021, we as a dance studio are now required to implement the 2 G-rule for our open class schedule.
This means that as of Monday november 15th, only fully vaccinated, or recovered individuals who can provide digital* proof of this, will be able to attend our studio.
*It is a legal requirement that proof of vaccination must be presented in digital form to avoid falsification. Please install the necessary app for this, we recommend Cov-Pass. In addition, an identification document must also be presented.


For persons under 18 years the 2G obligation does not apply. Here, proof of a negative Corona test is sufficient (again, according to the Senate regulation, children under the age of 14 do not have a testing requirement, as it is assumed that these children have been adequately tested in schools. This regulation also includes individuals who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. However, these individuals must additionally provide proof of immunization eligibility by means of a physician’s certificate.

What if I am not one of the 2-G’s?

As long as we could, we deliberately stayed with the 3-G rule because we didn’t want to exclude anyone. Accordingly, we totally understand that it’s a difficult situation for anyone who doesn’t want to get vaccinated against Corona (or simply hasn’t been vaccinated yet).
Here we would like to inform you that you can make use of a so called special right of cancellation if you have a membership but are now not allowed to come anymore. Please contact us directly at We can then see together if you really want to cancel or if you prefer to pause the contract for the time of the 2-G regulations.
It is important that you contact us as soon as possible, not months later.

More people per class again

The introduction of 2-G has at least one positive consequence: More people are allowed to be in the dance rooms again. I.e. from Monday we have again 20 places which can be booked online in advance and additional 5 places for spontaneous drop-in customers.

Full Covid Hygiene Concept
How safe is it to dance at motion*s despite the infection figures?

Unfortunately we can’t protect you 100% from a possible infection, but we do our best to follow an always up-to-date and thorough hygiene concept. Therefore, we feel responsible to inform you immediately as soon as we hear about people who have tested positive for Corona and have attended a class with us a few days before. We do this without being legally obligated to do so.
We hope that self-testing will again become available free of charge and that we will be able to test regularly in addition to the 2-G rule.
If you have symptoms or are unsure because you have had a contact – please do a quick test before coming to our studio.
We are convinced that transparent quick communication leads to more safety, but we also depend on your cooperation. We hope you will continue to have the confidence to come to our classes and we are here for you if there are any concerns.

Dancing is the best way to clear your head in such a crazy time 😉


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