5 tips for dance beginners - motion*s

5 tips for dance beginners

5 tips for dance beginners

motion*s dance studio is not only a place for professional dancers. No, we specifically want to accompany dancers from the first steps to a professional career or hobby dancers with advancing skills on their way.

As a beginner, many of you have inhibitions, questions or are unsure how it is when you start dancing. That’s why we’ve put together 5 tips for you for people of all ages who want to start dancing.


How to survive your first dance lessons

Don’t be afraid!

Many people in your class are probably beginners themselves. Plus, motion*s is a place where no one should get weird looks or feel weird for their lack of skills or even any other reason. Not even in open level classes where everyone trains together. There is a lot of appreciation and respect among each other. This is important to us and to our community.

Bring a little tolerance for frustration!

Yes it can be frustrating at the beginning, because you can’t imitate a movement as fast or you don’t understand it. Or because you are not yet as stretched as the person next to etc etc …. You will always have frustrating moments, but keep going! Eventually it will click. The important thing is that you stick with it. If necessary, take a short break to come back to yourself and then continue. In yoga it is called “stay on your mat” so don’t compare yourself with the others. Every body, every person is different and has its own pace.


Ask questions!

Seriously, No matter how small or stupid your question seems, ask it! T
he others in the class might be grateful for it, they might still be so busy with the new movement that they might not even realize what question is actually bothering them. You can always ask the instructors to explain a movement or a choreo more precisely or more slowly. If you don’t, your instructors won’t notice if someone isn’t following along.

Keep at it!

You can only really achieve success if you stay on the ball regularly. Ideally, you should practice at least twice a week and also practice and stretch at home. Many advanced dancers will tell you that the more classes you attend and the more choreos you do, the easier it is to learn the choreo.

Dare to go front row!

If you attend open level classes or a very full beginner class, you will have to assert yourself. Go to the front row if you can’t keep up otherwise. Ask nicely to switch rows. Some instructors even take care of this and let the rows change during the lesson, so that everyone can be in the front. Use the opportunity! Even if it feels strange to stand in the front. This is where you learn the most.


Our dance offers for newcomers & beginners

If you have never danced before, we recommend that you first visit our classes for new beginners. You can recognize them by the 1 pink star.
Adrian Navarro’s ballet basics class starts over regularly from the first steps. Ballet is also a great basis to learn other dance styles more easily afterwards or in parallel.

If you have already taken dance classes and think you already know a few basic steps, you should also try classes for beginners with prior knowledge. These have 2 stars. After the class you can ask the instructors for an evaluation if you are unsure if you are right.

There are also classes and workshops with open level, no pink star. Here you can find everything from beginners to advanced dancers. These classes are not specifically aimed at teaching basics to newbies but they also do not exclude people without experience. In also depends a little from class to class. So just dare to try them out until you find a class and teacher where you feel comfortable enough but challenged at the same time.

Dance workshops for beginners

Besides our weekly classes we also have workshops from time to time. A great chance to get started intensively. For example our Summer Intensives

The most frequently asked questions about our studio are answered in our FAQ. Here you’ll get infos on how to book a class.

We hope to see you soon at motion*s!


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