#savemotions: Support our Crowd Funding Campaign - motion*s

#savemotions: Support our Crowd Funding Campaign

#savemotions: Support our Crowd Funding Campaign

We are online with our  Crowdfunding-Campaign !

Day 20 of 73.

Since March 19 2021, our crowd funding campaign has been being online on START NEXT. We are happy to receive any support.

But first of all, we want to thank you – for all the support we’ve received so far in the form of messages, encouragement and conversations over the past few days.

The reasons of this initiative

As you all know, we had to reduce our regular course schedule massivelydue to the pandemic related constraints, so there was a huge drop in our sales.

We want to continue to be an open place for all dance enthusiasts of different styles and communities, an educational facility and for many of you a second home. We want to continue to be able to employ dance-instructors and give the opportunity to give back their valuable knowledge to the community.

To make this possible we need your help!

What can you do?

You can support us financially either thorugh donating via the campaign or directly to our bank account (in order to avoid that parts of your donation are kept by START NEXT and taxes)

Account owner: Stella Caric GmbH
IBAN: DE 94 4306 0967 1131 8962 00 BIC: GENODEM1GLS

In addition to financial support, we need people to help us reach as many as possible with this cause. If you care about the preservation of motion* you can:

Like, Share, Post, Forward

  • push, like, comment and share our posts on FB and Instagram (@motionsberlin) about this campaign
  • Promote the crowdfunding campaign yourself by maybe uploading a  story or something similar – there’s no limit to your creativity 🙂 .
  • maybe you know people who could/want to support us and forward them directly the link of our crowdfunding campaign?