reopening july 2020 - motion*s

reopening july 2020

reopening july 2020

Dear dancers,

here is update on how to proceed with dancing at motion*s from July 2020 on. We have now been able to up the amount of people in class. Still some covid-19 security measures stay in place.



1) wear a mask in the foyer and changing rooms.

2) keep 1,5 meters distance to other people at all times

3) when the music is not playing loud, help the teacher to open windows and air the rooms in between and after class.


Book your place in class in our new Class Calendar

We still need to make sure that not too many people come to the studio at once and we also still need to collect the name and contact info of everyone coming to the studio. So it is absolutely mandatory that you book your spot in class via our new class calender. It offers us the studio and it’s customers a lot of features so we already love it and hopefully with time you will too! 😉

Class Calendar


Class Calendar explained

First you choose the class you wish to book on a specific date. On the right side you’ll see the options / products for booking that you can choose to book.  Please note there is also a tiny link “Alle Produkte anzeigen” / “show more products”. Click on that before you continue with your booking. Further down we explain in detail what to chose in what situation.

You need to create a login once. With that you can see all your bookings and you can also cancel a booking up to 3 hours before the class. If a class is already full you can still book and you are automatically put on a waiting list. Once someone cancels, the next person waiting in line will be informed via e-mail automatically.

So if you yourself booked a class but are hindered, please cancel it through our class calender so that others get to make use of that space. thank you.

If you just wish to take one class you choose “Einzelticket / DropIn” and pay in cash at the front desk.

If you have a contract with us you can choose “Aktiver Vertrag” and chose your contract (1, 2, 3 classes per week or flatrate).

If you have a 5 or 10 ticket already in use at home you can choose “gültige Tanzkarte” ( Valid Multiticket).

If you wish to buy a 5 or 10 ticket you can choose either “5er Tanzkarte” or “10er Tanzkarte” and bring the amount in cash into the studio and pay at the front desk.

If you are a member of Urban Sports Club

you will have to book your spot in class via your Urban Sports Club App. The app is linked to our class calender so you do not need to book through our class calender. Only the classes that show up in your Urban Sports Club App are bookable via Urban Sports. If a class does not show up there you can’t use it with your USC subscription. In that case you can still take those classes if you wish but you need to book a single ticket and pay it at the front desk.