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we are back

we are back

Dear motion*s dance community!

We are happy to reopen since Tuesday, June 2nd. The news from the Berlin Senate came in very shortly before the weekend. For us this is an important step towards normalcy, even if it cannot really be said:

The conditions imposed by the Senate for the opening of the studio and for the courses taking place during the Covid 19 pandemic are very limited. Only 7 participants plus 1 instructor are currently allowed to be in the dance room. This limitation is an enormous challenge, as you know, many of our courses were significantly fuller. In addition, it is important to keep a distance of 3 meters in the dance room. We hope that the upper limit of 7 participants will soon be tipped and that we only have to follow the necessary distance rules.

We send a clear signal to our contract members and, as long as participation is so limited, we only open our courses to these loyal  dancers.

Without you there can be no motion*s, THANKS FOR YOUR LOYALTY!


Contract members

Our contractual customers have all received an email with the link to our booking tool. Since the places are so limited, you have to secure a place at least 1h before the course starts. If you are a contract customer but our mail has not arrived, please write to us at member@motionsberlin.de.

Now we cannot serve all of our customers and we are very sorry about that. Our contract customers take absolute priority here. In addition, in the week from June 2nd to 5th there are classes that run online and at the same time in the studio. A lot can change in the next few days, some classes will continue to be online and in the studio. The Google Calendar always shows the current status. Please check it regularly!

For other customers

As a non-contract customer, you can call the front desk (030 69004201)  about an hour before a class begins and ask if there is still space available in a certain class in the studio. If you have no place approval, we ask you to stay away from the studio. You can also always chose to sign a contract with us. Contract members always get the best deals for classes as well as for workshops. Also our contract members always have first access to our services. You can get the contract in the studio, via Mail to member@motionsberlin.de or here:

Hygiene Konzept PDF
Courses that can be attended online via Zoom simultaneously (We call them Zoom In Class)

Tuesday 18:30h – Lyrical Jazz with Selma (Live im Studio und Online)
Thursday 9:30h – Yoga Pilates with Leila (Live im Studio und Online)


Hygiene Concept

For visiting the studio and participating in classes, we urge you to read our hygiene concept in advance and to respect the requirements! These are necessary to be able to reopen the studio at all.


Hygiene Konzept PDF

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