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Class Calendar

Class Calendar

Today we’re going to present you a supertool, we believe. Our new class calendar powered by Fitogram is a “Class-schedule-Google Calendar Fusion”;) with integrated shop and class booking function. You can find it on our homepage from now on. It’s best to bookmark it in your browser!

We also have a Progressive Web App that you can install on your iOs and android phones

Fitogram is a studio software that many of you already know from other dance studios. It enables you to book and cancel classes, to be put on a waiting list to move up when places become available. Great features that we believe will make it easier for you and us to go to the studio, right now in the limited corona times. Please only book classes in which you can actually participate to give everyone who wants to come dance a chance. If you cannot make a booking, please cancel it 24h beforehand if possible to give others the chance to move up.


Class Calendar


Frequently asked questions

I have a contract with motion*s how do I proceed?

You have to have an account and be logged in.You will find a class that you want to book and select it. Once you have a contract with us we will put that Information into your account and you’ll see personalized product “Aktiver vertrag” above all other products. Chose that and we will assign the free of charge booking to your contract.

I don’t have a contract with motion*s / I’d like to take a trial class

Currently, like everyone else, you can book a class in the class calendar. Choose “Drop In” and pay cash in our studio. You have to have an account and be logged in to book a class. Cost is 13 € per 90 minute class.


I have a 5 and 10 card.

You have to have an account and be logged in. You find a class that you want to book and select it. Then click on the “Gültige Tanzkarte” products. This booking is also free of charge and you bring your 5/10 ticket with you to the studio. And yes if the ticket is not valid anymore you can still use it till the end of the year, no problem! You can also buy a Tanzkarte online and you’ll have credits in your account that will be used with every booking.


I am an Urban Sports Club member. Can I take classes?

You can book all the classes that show up in your urban Sports Club App within your App. USC has a direct connection to our class calender and your name will show up on our participants list. Do not forget to check in at the studio front desk. Currently USC allows people to only book 14 days in advance.

Do I have to register in the system?

Yes. So that you can always book and cancel classes, registration in this system is necessary, as in other online shops. This is also the only way we can assign your bookings to your contracts. Workshops are also be bookable in the class calender.


I booked a class but I have to cancel

That is no problem. You can log into your account and cancel the booking yourself. Please do not contact us via E-Mail. We cannot take care of these cancellations for everyone individually in the office. And if you do not cancel your booking on time (12 hours before the class) there will be no chance for another person from the waiting list to be notified on time. That means other fellow students are frustrated and motion*s looses income. So please be mindful and only book a spot if you are sure that you can make it. Otherwise cancel as early as possible! We reserve the right to invoice the booked but not taken classes. Cancellations can be made up to 1 hours before class starts. Cancellations done more 12 hours prior to class will be refunded. Otherwise credits will be taken out of your contract classes or we will charge you the class fi you haven’t paid upfront.