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Black Lives Matter

I can't breathe Graffiti vom Berliner Mauerpark Mai 2020

Black Lives Matter

Last week, the unarmed American George Floyd was brutally tortured to death by US police officers. No reason justifies such a murder, least of all the fact that Mr. Floyd’s skin was black. At this point we would like to express our solidarity with People of Color worldwide. Because this is not an isolated case. Just one who has made it into the media and networks along with many other stories. The terrifying truth is that such crimes are much more common and are only the tip of the iceberg of racial violence and general inequality in the United States.

We are, like most of you, shocked! The anger, the despair and the riots in the USA as a result of this are totally understandable in our eyes. Because enough is enough! Black people are our friends, colleagues, dance teachers, lovers, neighbours and business partners – they are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. They feel the same emotions, have the same needs and have human rights as each of us.

You are our fellow human beings. And we (try) to feel your pain!

Furthermore, we dancers and we as a studio also benefit from the diverse music and dance culture that has emerged in black communities and is celebrated all over the world like Voguing, Streetdance, Dancehall or African Dance to name a few.

An incident like George Floyds death must not become normality. And racism and hate crimes are not only found in the US – in Germany in 2020  are still enough injustices and racist incidents that happen every day and make the life of people of color, members of religious communities or other minorities difficult in many cases a living hell –  causing anxiety, humiliation and psychologically and physically hurting people.

Therefore we have to show solidarity! Listen and look, open your mouth and show compassion.

We do care

Black Lives Matter.

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