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Julianne Danapati

Fusion Bellydance
Feste Dozentin
Bellydance Tribal Fusion
After discovering the art of Bellydance, I went in the direction of Tribal Fusion, blown by the techniques of isolations, the fluidity, and precision. Being part of several companies based in Belgium, exploring the infinite possibilites of creation. I traveled through the world to learn with dancers I admire : Illan Rivière, Rachel Brice, Mat Jacob… And start teaching and performing in different Festival in Europe.
My meeting with Orchidaceae ( still learning with them now ) changed my vision of „Fusion“,  opening the possibilities and diving in some other styles : Popping and waving, house, contemporary, floorwork… From this moment til now, I keep exploring many dance styles ( trying also to understand the culture and history ), aiming for freedom in movement. Being a student in the Intensive Program in motion’s last year made me dive even deeper, as I love to learn, to search, to discover, and to create …
Since I’m in Berlin I’m also studying physical Theater and Butoh, what inspires me a lot as a performer. Recently I’ve been involved in more experimental artistic process, performances, instalations, and espcecially improvisations with live musicians/beat makers. Breaking from the esthaetics codes, but integrating the knowledge and techniques from everywhere as a specificity for my body to communicate.
The study to become a practionner of „Transformative Bodywork“, with Sophie Kinkel ( using the touch as a support to approach body perception and acces our ressources) influence also my way of understanding the being as a whole, bringing more consciousness to the body and the flow.





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