Josepha Princess Madoki


Josepha aka. Princess Madoki


Josepha aka Princess Madoki discovered hip hop dance very early in her childhood and becomes quickly very passionate with it. In 2003, she joins the International Academy of Dance in Paris where she specializes in classical technics, contemporary and jazz. Then, she develops her own style which will involve a mixture of hip hop, afro and contemporary dances.


She began working as a choreographer in 2016, in her own company “Madoki” and her first solo « Mes mots sont tes maux »

(My words are your hurts) which granted her the 1st prize in the competition of “Young talents of Paris” in 2010.


As a dancer/interpreter, she collaborates on eclectic projects with choreographers from all over the World, such as:
-Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Opéra Satyagraha (2017) -Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Babel 7.16 (2016)
-Pierre Rigal Standard (2015)
-Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui A season in the Congo (2013)
-Robyn Orlyn With astonishement I note a dog (2011)
-Sylvain Groud ELLES (2009)
-Wayne Mc Gregor Comédie Musicale Kirikou et Karaba (2008)


Specialist of a dance that is getting more and more popular in France: Waacking . Under the name of princess Madoki, she is invited all around the World to participate and serve in panel of judges for some very impressive whacking battles and competitions:


-Winner Battle Jam Funk and House 2017 ( Paris)
-Winner l M.D.P l Werk The Floor, 2017 (London, UK)
-Finalist Back to the Style 2016 (Pisa- Italy)
-Winner of Queen of Funk 2015 (Paris – France)
-Finalist of Hot Mess 2015 (Montreal – Canada) -Finalist of Who’s that lady? 2014 (Turino- Italy)
-Winner of AOD 2014(Lyon-France)
-Finalist of Waack Fest 2014 (Los Angeles – USA)
-Finalist of STEP YA GAME UP 2014(New York   USA)
-Winner of Le Mini Rendez-Vous Juin 2014 (Paris – France)
-Winner of Qui est le best? 2013 et 2014(Avignon- France)
-Winner of Waack date 6 2013 (London – UK)
-Winner of de The Kings 2013 (Paris – France)
-Finalist of Street Star 2013 (Sweden)


Being also a dance teacher, her passion pushes her to share her knowledge and art thru numerous workshops and apprenticeships.
Princess MADOKI is also one of the fondator member of the first Waacking collectif in France called « Ma Dame Paris » . Her wish is to put Waacking on the map as well as to have a larger public discover it.




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Workshops/Special Classes bei Josepha Princess Madoki


      Special Waacking Foundation Workshop mit Josepha Princess Madoki
      Mittwoch, 8. November 201720:00 ‐ 21:30House of MelodyAnmeldung:*****