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Elvan was born and raised in Izmir, Turkey. She trained as a rhythmic gymnast which later led her to an education and career as a dancer. She completed the worldwide recognized Body Arts and Science International Pilates (BASI, since 2017) comprehensive teacher training course. She is also a member of the German Pilates Association. She works as a dancer and Pilates teacher internationally and currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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March 2020 – Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany – Dancer

Die Kränkungen der Menschheit’ choreographed by Anta Helena Recke coproduction with Münchner Kammerspiele

January 2020 – STGO A Mil Festival/Kampnagel, Santiago, Chile – Dancer

Emerger‚ choreographed by José Vidal. Production of Stgo A Mil Festival, Kampnagel and José Vidal & CIA 

November 2019-December 2019 – Body Engineering BASI Pilates Affiliate Studio, Beirut, Lebanon — Pilates Instructor

April-June 2019 – Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany – Dancer

EMERGENZ‘ choreographed by José Vidal. Production of José Vidal & CIA and Kampnagel

World premier 5 th of June 2019, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany

June 2018 – June 2020 – Thalia Theater, Hamburg, Germany — Dancer

Orpheus‘ choreographed by Eyal Dadon, Regie by Antu Romero Nunes

Premiered 7 th September 2018 

April 2018 – L-Beach Festival 2018, Baltic Sea, Germany — Dancer

STILL IN SEARCH / The Grand Artist Show choreography by Yohan Stegli Headlining the main stage and performed on the 13th April 2018.

January 2018 – 2020 – Tanzstudio Dance and Move, KIN’ Physiotherapy and Medical Fitness, Tybas Dance Center, Just Pilates Hamburg, Germany — Pilates Instructor

Since 2017, I have been employed at several studios in Hamburg as a pilates teacher, teaching group mat-and reformer classes as well as private sessions.



September 2017 – July 2020 Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany — Bühnentänzerin

Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Graham and Horton Technique, Floorwork, Singing, Acting education.

March 2017 – September 2017 – Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates , Izmir, Turkey — Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Workshops: The PowerHouse of the Shoulder Girdle by Sondra Karman , Pilates on Foam Roller by Maria Sylla, Master Mat Class by Mariam Younossi, Auditing BASI Pilates Teacher Training Module 1&2 by Rael Isacowitz.





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      Ease into movement through Pilates mit Elvan Tekin
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