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Christopher Melody

Christopher was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. He later moved to Birmingham, England to study psychology. At University he discovered his passion for dance, where he formed a hip hop dance crew called RAW. Realising the therapeutic effects of dance, voguing especially gave him the strength and space to accept, embrace and express his true gender identity and sexuality.

He moved to London in 2015 to learn voguing from the pioneer Benjamin Milan. Travelling around europe to take workshops and learn from other icons such as Jose Extravaganza, Leo Melody, Nagato Kaze Mugler, Michelle Sattva Ninja, Yanou Ninja etc.

In 2017 he moved to Berlin and joined the House of Melody, becoming an native member in the Ballroom Community, walking balls and dance battles, giving workshops and promoting Ballroom around europe, establishing himself as the „New Way of Berlin“

  • Grandprize Toddler New Way, Tit Bit Ball (2017)
  • Granprize New Way, True Colours Ball (2017)
  • Grandprize New Way, Gold Chain Ball (2018)
  • Grandprize New Way Tag Team, Come Extra Fly (2018)

Dance has become his life, training in Waacking, House and Contemporary at the moment, he is looking to combine psychological and spiritual elements into his artistic practice in the future.



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