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Biki John

African 'Naija' Dance Fitness
African Dance Naija Fitness

I am not a professionally trained dancer. I learnt how to dance by watching music videos as a child. I was very inspired by the music videos of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince. I also loved the dance routines in iconic musicals like Singn’ in the Rain and films with strong dance themes like Dirty Dancing and Flashdance. When it came to choreography, Legs & Co. (British dance group) still remain one of my favourites.

My dancing style is eclectic as I’m inspired by African, Latin, R & B, Jamaican, 90s street dance and Pop dancing.

As I suffer from knee pain, I want to teach my students that if you love dance (as I do)- don’t give up when parts of your body get injured/break down/begin to detoriate. Try and find a way to still keep moving. The compromising will be hard but you will have to do it to find out the new movements that will work for you. This is what I had to do and why I still find a way to do what I love, which is dance.

I also want to teach my students Naija Swag- this means Naija Body Confidence.

All Nigerian women whether they are young or old, slim or fat- when they dance, their confidence is a beautiful thing to watch and is very empowering. So, I want to teach my students body confidence and get them more in tune with their body.

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