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Tribal Fusion Bellydance
Fusion Bellydance

Adriatica is a transformational artist cultivating the balance between physical, spiritual and intellectual form. Make-Up, Bodypaint, Tattoos and Fusion Bellydance share a ritualistic origin and have shapeshifted Adriatica`s magic. Especially Fusion Bellydance is a burning passion and leads women such as herself into wombpower. In 2020 Adriatica created Moongoddess, a fabulous dance coaching, which has now grown into the Moongoddess App (to be announced publicly soon)

​Home between Brazil and Berlin, she keeps sculpting the Bodylandscape with the eyes of a painter,

believing in dance as medicine, art as expression and conscious breath as silent revolution.

Adriatica transcends time and transforms lifes.

Workshops/Special Classes bei Adriatica


      Depth of Beauty - Fusion Bellydance Mini Intensive mit Leila Nour
      Samstag, 21. Mai 202214:00 – 17:00*****