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Les Twins Workshops Berlin motion*s

Hip Hop Workshops – Les Twins

On April 7 2019 we had the last minute opportunity to host 2 hip hop workshops with the world renowned dance duo Les Twins. Against all odds and with hardly any time to prepare we made the impossible happen. And then we seperated Les Twins.

Say what?

Yes. Laurent and Larry both gave a workshop individually which we later found out was kind of unusual.
We honestly think it made these workshops extra special. Larry and Laurent took a lot of time for us and their fans (about 3 hours in total) and were devoted to give everyone a great time.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement and curiosity and we love that there was so much concentration and passion for dance visible in both rooms. After about 2 hours of concentrated work on a choreography both groups joined in one room and showed their choreos to each other, resulting in a nice jam and hang out afterwards. There was even time for some hugs and pictures.  No matter how much dance experience people came with, they left with huge smiles and memories of a special moment.

We are truly blessed for this great last minute opportunity! Thank you Jandke for pushing this into our hands making it happen. Thank you Laurent & Larry for dropping by so spontaneously! We had a blast!!

Also huge thanks to Franziska Brodhun and LMNZ for capturing many beautiful moments. And last but not least thank you to all the dancers and Les Twins fans who came out and created a respectful beautiful atmosphere.


Les Twins - Workshop Recap

Videos where filmed, edited and the music was composed by LMNZ. Please give the homie a shoutout when sharing these videos and also check out his music work!

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Laurent and Larry of Les Twins with very happy workshop participants at motion*s Tanzstudio Berlin

These fantastic pictures where taken by photographer Franziska Brodhun. Dear Fans: please respect the copyright of the photographer and give proper credit when sharing these pictures.